History is brewing

On friday, two days ago, we proudly launched our first commercial products to the market. It has been about 66 years since a brewery in Nykarleby last time produced beer for the masses, and now we have taken up on that piece of history and followed in the footsteps of the breweries of past generations in this area.

We believe that it is every persons right to be able to have access to locally produced craft beer.

We are a microbrewery in its purest sense. All of our batches are nurtured and cared for in to their finest detail as we only brew small quantities per brew. In fact, the amount we produce per batch is per average about 400 litres. If you want to count that in beers at the bar, that makes it roughly 800 0.5 l servings.

As we focus on quality, and not quantity, and as we are teeny-tiny in size we can do pretty much whatever we like, flavourwise. We are flexible and we are not afraid to try out new things. Take for example our two products currently available, Pietarsaari and Dasher IPA. These are works in progress. Sure, the base identity will always remain but the taste and how we produce these two might be tweaked a bit. Pietarsaari Pale Ale is a light bodied highly drinkable session beer. It is currently 5.9 % ABV which is in the top end if we want to call it a session beer.


Image: End of a 70 minute mash cycle at the brewery – making Dasher India Pale Ale.

By the way, a session beer is a term for a beer you can enjoy several of without things getting too “comfortable”. Perhaps we will try to make a version of it that is a bit lighter in alcohol-level, and with a bit more of a bite in its hoppiness. In fact, we’ve already done this, a couple of weeks ago. Currently maturing in our kegs and will hit the markets in Vaasa, and Pietarsaari in a couple of weeks. Try it, if you’ve had the first version, compare it, let us know what you think.

The same goes for Dasher. That will remain practically the same, but the next batch will be dry hopped for a couple of days with Citra for some extra punch in the nose. Should be awesome.

Basically, we’ll brew all sorts of beers and you can try them out.

Why did we launch our beers in Vaasa you might ask yourself?

That is a perfectly sensible question, as our name is Jacobstads, and we brew in Nykarleby. Well, there is a history to us, the brewers, and Vaasa. Until one year ago, we lived in Vaasa, in fact, we lived there over 10 years, most of our adult lifes. We made many friends there, we “grew up” there. It is our home. Very much like Pietarsaari. As we are waiting to get our own taps and cooling systems installed at O’Learys it was a natural decision to introduce our beers in our second home. Office Bar has been our second living room over the years. Quality service, quality food and all-around a perfect place to hang out, chillax and enjoy life basically. We also have been fortunate to meet and establish a friendship with Gastropub Gustav Wasa and Little Pub where our products will go on sale towards the end of the coming week. We truly appreciate the friendship and the cooperation.

Daniel + Pia @ Jacobstads by Kavilo Photography-27

Image: Surrounding area of the brewery in the small town of Uusikaarlepyy

As born and bred Pedersöre people, from Edsevö and Lövö, with studies in Vaasa we feel that we cover the whole region along the west-coast between Pietarsaari and Vaasa. We feel a connection to the people and to what makes this part of the world so special. What drives us, is not only to make some of the most delicious beer out there in the world, but also to provide people with moments of happiness (or hoppiness in our case). Something to look forward to, especially in times of global and national economical uncertainty.

If we can make people enjoy something as simple as a good pint of beer with their friends and forget about the troubles in the world, if only for a couple of minutes, it was all worth it. This is our motivation.

Of course, when it comes to taste, it divides people. You will like some of the stuff we make, and dislike some of it. We try to make a small range of beers so that everyone can find their favorite. And if you didn’t like something the first time, give it another shot, try to pair it with food or a different environment. Everything makes a difference when your taste buds are concerned.

Our beers

Our beers can be divided in to three different series. First we have Pietarsaari Pale Ale, which is the local series. Then we have Dasher IPA, which can easiest be described as the Crazy Craft Series. The third is our personal, and family series, which involves a great deal of history and storytelling. Places, people from times gone by. A real adventure.

With Pietarsaari Pale Ale we’ve aspired to make a highly drinkable beer, that is not provocative, or over-hopped. We’ve focused on the malt base and the freshness of the beer. Perhaps this was designed for people who have always been drinking mass-produced crap lager, as a first step towards the better world that is craft beer. We wouldn’t want to scare somebody away with a turbocharged IPA and lose them forever, if we can lure you in with something that is fresh, not too much taste but intriguing and spell-binding. That is the fuzzy description of Pietarsaari Pale Ale. We hope you enjoy it. Keep trying it out, it might change a bit from batch to batch.

dasher-jpegDasher IPA. We really love this one as we are suckers for a full blown over hopped IPA. Though we’ve used a great deal of hops in Dasher, to be precise about 3,8 kg in total for about 500 liter of wort, we still feel it is balanced well with the malt base. Just a dash of caramel malt for the body and color combined with pale malt and local Kovjoki water. The feedback from our first weekend has been positive. We are glad to hear.

In production at the moment we have more Pietarsaari Pale Ale, more Dasher IPA, and a third product, a Amber Ale which has been dry hopped for a couple of days. Early samples says that this will be a really good beer. More about this will follow later as it will be released in early march and first in Jakobstad at O’Learys.

Finally – the grand release in Pietarsaari

We dipped our toes in the hot water this wonderful part of the business on friday with our first beers being released. It was exciting, nerve-wrecking, wonderful and scary, all at the same time. The first reports are that everyone that drank of our beers have survived, so that is good news. Also we hear reports that people really like our beers, that is great news! Always when there is a new thing out people try it out, so we’ll follow the progress closely and over time see which products you people enjoy more than the others and in that way streamlime our production to suit the needs of the people. As we brew only small batches but still quite often, depending on demand there might be times when some of our products is out of stock at your local restaurant. We’ll try to keep these situations to a minimum of course, but as we take great pride in making our beers as deliciously good as possible, and it being very much a handmade product, we take quality over quantity any day.

Daniel + Pia @ Jacobstads by Kavilo Photography-14

Image: Our cold storage malt room. We use finnish malt, local water and hops from around the world to make our beers.

The week starting with 22nd of february a guy called MacGyver will install our systems at O’Learys. The following weekend might come too soon, this is pretty much out of our hands and control, but I’d say within 1-1,5 weeks we should have at least two of our products up and running in Pietarsaari, but of course we’ll inform you of the exact date, and time of day when we think you should drop everything you were doing and head for O’Learys.

When you get to O’Learys – remember to ask for a locally produced craft beer. They will be able to comply with your wishes – which we think is pretty awesome, and about time.

From Jeppis with hops…

Kind regards,
Daniel & Pia – Brewers at the family brewery Jacobstads.

daniel  pia

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