Papinade: The perfect volley – the perfect beer

Great news guys (if you are a football fan). The European championships are about to kick off over in France, which means an almost endless amount of high quality games on tv for the remainder of the month. And lets face it, looking out through the window right now, it is not like we’re gonna miss out on some great summer weather if we stay inside and watch a couple of games of footie.

But, anyhow, it is summer, according to the calendar at least, and we have been working on a couple of summer beers for you! First one out is a french inspired light bodied, gently hopped pale ale called Papinade.

Well, what the heck is Papinade you might ask yourself. Fair enough. Let me explain.

Over a decade ago a great french football player graced the footballing world. His name was (and still is as he is alive and well) Jean-Pierre Papin. Papin pronounced [papään] in the most french way you could possibly imagine.

Papin had the talent Zlatan only can dream of. And more importantly, he had this beautiful trademark finish on the volley. In fact, the finish was so heavily linked to Papin it got dubbed Une Papinade. To do a ‘Papinade’ was something spectacular, it was the perfect volley, which always ended up in the back of the net. Feared by goalkeepers and opponents around the world, Papin was unstoppable, a true force on the field, the perfect blend of talent and craftmanship.


So as the Euros are being held in the beautiful country of France, which we love, we decided to make a tribute beer to this great legend, and also make it our un-official beer for the championships. We hope you will like it, it is lighter than Pietarsaari, and we’ve used Amarillo and Simcoe hops and some Pale malt and a dash of caramel malt for the body. It is absolutely beautiful. Weighing in at around 5 % alcohol by volume it is our lightest beer yet.

Well, when can I get my hands on this delicious nectar you silly brewing people? …you might ask yourself.

This weekend! We are shipping kegs right now to O’Learys in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari and to Office Bar in Vaasa. Others will follow and we’ll let you know. By the latest on saturday 11.6 Papinade should be on tap and we’d love it if you’d give it a go and let us know what you think about it on Untapped or other forms of social media.

Papinade: The perfect volley – the perfect beer. Let the games begin!

PS. Even if you don’t like football this is a great summer beer, the first of two beers we are launching this summer. Papinade can be enjoyed without any form of accompanying sports entertainment. We’ve tried it – worked perfectly, even when it is raining. Enjoy guys!

/The Brewers

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