Bjørn Ironside: The story behind the beer

So, it’s fair to say, that after almost 6 months, Bjørn Ironside has really found its own place on the local beer scene. We’ve recieved so many kind words and constructive feedback about our Bjørn and we thank you for it.

But why did we call our beer Bjørn Ironside? What is the story behind that decision? Was it something we googled and just decided on? Was it snatched from some tv series? None of these actually. The answer is a lot more interesting, at least on a personal level. Some of our beers we name after things related to our own personal history, like for example family, friends, memories and so on. As I’ve got a dad who is really in to researching family history and heritage, I stumbled across the name Bjørn “Ironside” Ragnarsson in one of his posts.

Let me take you for a 30 second blast to the past, perfect reading for a cloudy friday evening, whilst sipping on a local craft beer.

The story begins with my grandfather Karl-Erik Löf. His grandmothers name was Maria. Marias great grandmother was Margareta Backman from Östensögård. Margarethas great grandfather was Hans Falk, a captain in the army, based in Hollola. Hans Falks great grandfather was Ericus Falk, bishop of Skara in 1547.

Ericus great grandfather was Knight Eskeld Bosen Falk of Vallö Castle on Prästö in Sjelland, Denmark. Eskelds great grandmother was Sophie von Rosenburg. Sophie was the daughter of Jutta Albrechtsdotter von Sachsen/Askanier, who happened to also be Dronning af Danmark, Queen of Denmark. Juttas great grandmother was Euphrosyne of Kiev (cool name btw), Queen of Ukraine and she actually died as a nun in Jerusalem.

Take a deep breath and a sip of beer, it continues.

Euphrosynes grandmother was Gytha Haraldsdóttir of Wessex. Gythas grandmothers father was Torgils Styrbjörnsson, also called “Sprakaleg”, who died on 22 september 1027 at the battle of Svolder. Sprakalegs grandfather was Harald Gormsson Blåtand a.k.a. Harald “Bluetooth”. Bluetooths father in law was Olaf II Björnsson who reigned in Sweden between 970-975. Olafs great great grandfather was Bjørn “Ironside” Ragnarsson, a viking king who did a lot of raids in France. So that is where Bjørn enters the story. A viking king, generations and generations ago.

The trail goes on though, bare with me. Bjørns grandmothers great grandfather was Attil Budlason of Ringerike. Attils grandmother was Eiymund Hringsson, the King of Novgorods/Holmgård, daughter of Alveigu the wise.

Attils great grandfather was the King of Alfheim, Nord Torrason. Nord Torrason was born in Kvenland at about year 345 and his great grandfather was the King of Kvenland, called Kari “Wind” Fornjotson, born at about the year 198 in Kvenland.

So, my friend. Whenever you sip on a pint of Bjørn, remember the history behind it, and all the people involved in it. It really is something.



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